Remote Work for Design Teams

What’s in the book

Plus—video and audio interviews with veteran designers working remotely.

About the authors

Ben Goldman

Ben Goldman

Director of InVision Films

Ben Goldman is a full stack creative who began his career as a producer at MTV before transitioning to hi-tech by co-founding the local news startup Blockfeed. He later joined InVision as a content strategist, and now works as the Director of InVision Films, writing and producing original documentaries at the intersection of design, technology and business. In addition to his professional work, Goldman is also a social justice entrepreneur and co-founder of the organization Superheroes Anonymous which inspires communities around the world to engage in creative community service. Combined, his work has been featured in dozens of top news outlets including the New York Times, CNN, TechCrunch, MSNBC, Wired, and others.

Currently listening to: Mystic Familiar by Dan Deacon; The Epic by Kamasi Washington; DSVII by MS83; Koyaanisqatsi (Original Soundtrack) by Philip Glass; Shea EP by Daniel Koestner

Currently inspired by: My local city councilman Justin Brannan who’s stepped up in a time of need to organize donations and disseminate truth in my local community. 

Cultural thing I’m lovin’: Revisiting the 2019 game Death Stranding, by Hideo Kojima, whose bizarre world of self-isolating humans connected only by delivery workers now seems all too close-to-home.

Greg Storey

Greg Storey

Senior Enterprise Experience Director

Greg Storey is a design leader with many hats. He has earned a unique perspective of design services and leadership, having started a studio that made the Inc 5000, led a hundred designers through IBM Design’s onboarding incubator program, and assisted in the development of the USAA’s Chief Design Office. He recently joined InVision for a range of roles. Greg lives in the Pacific Northwest with his amazing wife and occasionally writes at his site Airbag Industries.

Currently listening to: Amon Tobin, Beck, David Bowie, Duran Duran, Hælos, Massive Attack, Portishead, Röyksopp, Sneaker Pimps, Tame Impala, Unkle, Wild Nothing, Wolf Alice, and Yes.

Currently inspired by: I am inspired by the men, women, they who are working tirelessly to save lives around the world. Also inspired by the folks who are keeping our core services online. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Cultural thing I’m lovin’: I enjoy hearing stories of parents spending more time with their children right now along with the mass home-schooling! I hope this turns into broader support for our education system in the future.

Abby Sinnott

Abby Sinnott

Managing editor, InVision

Abby Sinnott is a managing editor at InVision, where she tells the stories of exceptional design teams collaborating around the world. She has worked remotely as a writer and editor contributing to numerous publications for over a decade, and considers the freedom remote offers a true creative and lifestyle advantage. A fiction writer at heart, she’s hard at work on her second novel in her spare time. A New York native, Abby has lived in California, Spain and London, England, where she currently resides with her two daughters.

Currently listening to: I’ve recently started a new ritual of immersing myself in one poem at the end of each day, read by Irish poet Pádraig Ó Tuama on the Poetry Unbound podcast.

Currently inspired by: The round-the-clock dedication of the people who work for the U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS) and are risking their own lives every day, every minute to save the lives of others.

Cultural thing I’m lovin’: This might be cheating, but as a way to “elevate” my Netflix binge watching, I’ve limited the movies and programs I watch to those produced in different languages, such as the highly recommended Swedish-Syrian Netflix TV series Caliphate. It’s a great way to transport myself to another world while confined to my own small house in London!